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X is for Xyphias, a fish that the dogs catch on a X is for Xyphias, a fish that the dogs catch on Printed on linen-like paper, illustrated with 4 full page and one double-page color illustration of various ships incl. Every letter stands for show biz terms as well as for British actors and actresses. NY: Harry N. Abrams The alphabet of sleep is a treasure - a book with a book - that Barcelona: Ramon Sopena, circa Printed on coated paper and illustrated in color on every page with several letters per page.

NY: Franklin Watts Folio, pictorial boards, Fine no dw.

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A charming 's ABC illustrated with color lithos on every page by the Czech born Steiner, best known for her "Kiki" books. Very scarce.

NY: Old Wine Press First and probably only edition of this alphabet. The publishers compiled this alphabet from the artist's best published work and created a comical ABC.

Alphabet - Kids: Books

Each page Chicago: Rand McNally NY: Harper Bros. Stated 1st printing, first American. Originally written by Thackeray in for London: Children's Press, no date circa Brightly illustrated with color lithos by G. SMITH done with a broad style and a touch of humor. Printed on blue backgrounds, this is stylishly done Tall narrow 4to, pictorial wraps, corner of 2 leaves chipped, light soil, VG-. A charming turn of the 19th century ABC illustrated in full color and 2-color in art nouveau style.

British, no publishing information, circa Box rubbed with flaps repaired otherwise VG and the This is an object alphabet illustrated in color in typical 's style with most letters represented by toys. Some letters have several objects Its interesting to note that "A" is NY: Sam. Gabriel This railway ABC features 4 fine full page illustrations plus line illustrations in text to accompany rhymes about the various letters - all with a railroad theme.

Illustrated by Each letter relates to some aspect of the benefits that good transportation offers the country and urges positive voting on the Progress in Transport legislation. Boston: De Wolfe Fisk, circa A fun book for children containing 3 separate ABC's and simple stories with short words. Illustrated with 4 charming full page chromolithographs and photogravures Here are some resources you might like for your youngsters.

Alphabet Fun I Spy : One of the oldest games, this is nevertheless a great one as it needs no equipment and can be played anywhere. If you see a piano for example, you would tell your child, "I spy with my little eye, something beginning with "p. Alphabet Books : Look for printed alphabet books with pictures that will interest your child, and large simple letters.

Children will often learn such books by heart, an important stage in the road to real reading. Also consider making your own alphabet books, perhaps from photos of your child's toys or of family members. Making Letters : Tracing, painting, and modeling letters from play dough are all excellent activities to help children focus on the way a letter is made.

Keep it fresh by painting outside with a wall painting brush and watercolor or trying other different paints, brushes, and surfaces. I like to teach kids from the start how to make a letter according to the correct model for their school, but some people think this is me being a fuddy-duddy.

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Hide the Letter : It's great to have letters printed on cards, or plastic letters or even foam ones for the bathtub. Incidental remarks like "Oh, what is that 'W' doing under the tap?

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Magnet Letters : Having magnet letters attached to the fridge or a simple metal baking sheet means you have a ready source for simple games of hide-the-letter, word making, word muddling, etc. Alphabet blocks are wonderful too. Make it a habit to leave little messages or muddled up words on the fridge each day, and your child can do the same. Toy Letter : One simple way to encourage letter recognition is to tape letters to toys or blocks.

Alphabet Beads — These are particularly great for older kids who need to work on letters.


Letter Tiles — These make a great alternative to using magnetic letters. This post was part of my 4-part Teaching the Alphabet series. Join thousands of other subscribers to get hands-on activities and printables delivered right to your inbox! Whether it is alphabet puzzles or magnetic letters, all alphabetic toys and games are quite helpful for little kids. They can play with these toys and learn from them.

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