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Download If Wishes Were Horses: A Bittersweet Farm Novella book pdf | audio id:r4wvt7q

Bittersweet Farm 5: Calling All Comets. Bittersweet Farm 9: Roll the Dice. It drove my siblings mad. They couldn't bear my endless whinnying and insistence that they stroke my "mane" and feed me apples. I think everyone thought I'd grow out of my obsession, but I didn't. I became obsessed with owning my own pony. I bought endless copies of Pony magazine and wrote letters to their editors about the horse I didn't actually have.

Then, if the letters about "Calypso" were printed, I'd cut them out and paste them into my pony scrapbook. I badgered my mother for a pony on a daily basis, saving up every penny to buy it the accoutrements it needed — brand new head collar, grooming kit, hoof oil, saddle and bridle.

Which is why If Wishes Were Horses is the book for me. It is subtitled "a memoir of equine obsession", and in it, Susanna Forrest describes her ongoing fascination with horses with such clarity, such a feel for how horses can affect your life, that she took me right back to a childhood of Thelwell and Follyfoot. Like Forrest, I was desperate to cadge rides from anyone; I rode as and when I could.

I once sneaked into a field and leapt on a pony bareback I was so desperate. It immediately bucked me off. Forrest's grandmother was a saddler's daughter, and she herself rode from when she was tiny, recalling her mother's hand clapping "my fat little leg to the saddle".

She describes the predominantly young girl world of caring for a pony, the ritualistic grooming, the plaiting of the mane, the way horses almost become like dolls for the young girls who want to care for them. There is an oddly practical lyricism in her descriptions of this care: "I groomed Tango with the plastic currycomb when he was moulting, turning the air into a snowstorm of gingery tufts of hair, like being caught in a vacuum bag.

If Wishes Were Horses

Hers is a richly evocative book, describing the smells, the sounds, "the clanking of the fork on the wheelbarrow". But Forrest is not only concerned with the childhood love of ponies. Along with her poetic recounting of riding again now she is in her late 20s — booking a private lesson in a riding school in the suburbs of Berlin where she now lives — she has also discovered all sorts of nuggets about horses.

For example, we apparently ate horses for 90, years until, 5, years ago, we decided to ride them. Forrest visits hunts, talks to the people who run the Pony Club, researches horse rescue centres and goes to endless farms.