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Published September 10th by Heroic Publishing Inc. More Details Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Heroic Spotlight 01 , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

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Use your keyboard! The effects of this new evil are just beginning to show themselves in the villages and towns through the lands.

4. Spider-Man & Mysterio Start Are Brought Together By Nick Fury

Can a party of adventurers stop the advancement of the dark forces before they wash over the entire kingdoms? You are told that some terrible evil has taken up residence underneath the ruins of a long abandoned keep and is now actively collecting artifacts of the world of the living for some unknown purpose. Do you have what it takes to survive the challenges of both the forest and the ruins and return with the prize? The lands of Hawkgarth have long been known as "the Wood of Many Monsters".

A blood-red beast terrorizes the villages at night, and the normally stoic residents are quick to recruit able-bodied heroes. Too bad you're not their first choice! There sure are a lot of cats in the hamlet of Selpt.

Walkthroughs, FAQs, Guides and Maps

In fact, it seems as if just about everyone has one, and boy do they pamper those cats. In fact, you should probably be adopted by one straight away. You belong to that cat. Rumor has it the brigand Cutter Jack is holed up with his latest score in one of the haunted keeps outside Arnglar. There's a tidy bounty on Cutter Jack's head too, so it might be worth checking out.

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Peryton are known the world over as fearsome foes and gruesome battlefield scavengers. To keep the population under control, the small kingdom of Hawkgarth sponsors an annual peryton hunt. It's an opportunity to make a little coin and build your heroic legacy—what could go wrong? A great evil is rising in the Border Kingdoms. The dead walk the wilderness in greater numbers than ever before. As if they are driven to some hidden task or agenda. More shadows have woken in the dark places that the weak of will dare not go, but where the brave will dive into the heart of.

Which are you? Aug 10, From there they have taken control of the trade routes along the northern Moonsea. A young noble has been captured for refusing to pay their tariffs and his house looks to hire adventurers to rescue him. Nov 03, The adventurers are tasked with rescuing a group of heroes who vanished in the pearlescent fortress that manifested on the border between the Kroth Magg kingdom and the Varkonin empire in the Steppes of Thar.

A behir has been hired to destroy the herds of aurochs necessary to feed the hobgoblin city of Glip Dak. Patrols and scouts continue to go missing, forcing the hobgoblins to hire mercenaries to track this behir as they recall their troops to the capital to maintain order as food riots break out. Sep 24, The elves beseech the adventurers to root out the source of the corruption before they, and the forest, fall to its rot.

The Corruption mutates anything living in the Quivering forest, changing the flora and fauna into dark corrupted echoes of what they were in life. High above the Quivering Forest hovers Athal'deras, an earth mote that is home to a tribe of aarakocra.

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But a shadow has fallen over the floating rock, and the bird people have succumbed to the darkness, which they now strive to spread upon the winds. Oct 12, Ragvala, also known as the "Coinmaker," is an ancient gold dragon who wishes to mend his broken friendship with his old adventuring buddy.

Unable to change shape anymore, the dragon needs the help of skilled adventurers who can join him on his quest. Nov 25, A mysterious resident has taken over an abandoned castle along a perilous trade route. Now, strange happenings have the traders spooked and there is concern about the economic fallout. Adventurers are dispatched to make a deal with the paranoid and potentially unstable occupant. In an effort to secure a surface trade route, adventurers find themselves embroiled in the revenge schemes of a powerful drow exile.

The chance to learn about the state of the Underdark and the fates of many innocents taken in surface raids is too valuable to pass up. Yet the risk is clear, for what lies ahead is nothing short of an all-out assault on a drow manor. This is the third adventure of the Swords Below the Moonsea saga. Apr 08, The mind flayer is suspected to be Klondrus Imdree which has been presumed dead for quite sometime but is he?

The call has come out for heroes to investigate and see what can be learned by his appearance. Mar 05, A hunt for a mad illithid has brought startling and dire news to the Emerald Enclave and the Harpers. The call has gone out for heroes to follow on the trail of Klondros Imdree as he seeks a book of terrible power, and to stop him once and for all.

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  4. Heroes are called on to go after the mad mindflayer and to stop him at all costs. This listing will be updated with a link when Joel publishes his module. While players do not need to play through Illithid Activity, I of course recommend picking that module up for your Tier 2 players! Nov 20, Cargo ships are being dashed against the rocks west of Hulburg, lured off course by a mysterious light.

    Is this the work of ordinary thieves, or are more nefarious forces at work? Accused of impersonation and kidnapping, a pair of old sisters have found refuge in Abermoor. In their wake, they have left a trail of blood, and are pursued by a bounty hunter. Hired for their expertise, the adventurers have joined the pursuit. Torrential rains and blustering winds drive the party into a cursed hamlet, resting in the eye of the storm. A mesmerizing void, mutated creatures, and the very ground could swallow the party, forever trapping them—unless they can escape. This adventure can easily be run as theater-of-the-mind, although a map and 7 illustrations are provided for those who work best with visuals.

    Dec 17, A haven and home for the displaced and orphaned of the Moonsea. However, strange events threaten to close the school. Can you find the cause, and aid the school? Nov 26, Festival bells cut loud through the air! Adventurers are gathering to celebrate the Wild Monster Capture Festival. Tame wild monsters, team up with them in honorable combat, and you could win not only gold, but fame and renown! The spirit of the festival is about to get disrupted, however, and you must prepare for trouble….

    A persistent ghost has been spotted in Phlan, flitting from building to building. The residents say that it stands in front of the Laughing Goblin every night, eyes wide and full of terror. If approached, it screams and disappears. It sports some familiar faces, some new faces, and plenty of opportunity for characters to roleplay their way to crazy greatness — in fact, the adventure is deeply rooted in another piece of pop culture that should become apparent as the adventure unfolds!

    Aug 13, As winter releases its grip on the region surrounding the town of Phlan, secrets are revealed within Glumpen Swamp. Strange landscapes and sigils have been found beneath the mud, and the wildlife around the swamp has become greatly agitated. At times a spectral figure can be seen in the distance, only to disappear upon approach. Can you discover what is happening in the muck and gloom? He seeks adventurers to resolve issues at one of his farms, in his iron mine, and at his beloved inn.

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    Can the party help Geoffrey and prevent him from losing his seat on the Merchant Council of Hulburg? Lord Geoffrey of the Smiths has learned that a former comrade and fellow adventurer has taken his family heirloom and believes that this is the reason for his recent string of misfortune. He seeks adventurers to track down the Winged Panther and recover what was lost in order to break his supposed curse. Can the party track down this elusive thief and convince her return that which was taken?