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Works by George R. Martin in the world of A Song of Ice and Fire.

Throne of Glass Archives | Recaptains

The Lands of Ice and Fire Derived works from the world of A Song of Ice and Fire. TV by the Numbers. Retrieved April 20, Retrieved April 27, Retrieved May 4, Retrieved May 10, Retrieved May 18, Retrieved May 25, Retrieved June 1, Retrieved June 8, Retrieved June 14, Retrieved June 22, Category : Game of Thrones TV series. List of episodes. Tim Van Patten. Meanwhile, across the Narrow Sea in Pentos , the exiled Prince Viserys Targaryen hatches a plan to win back the throne, which entails forging an allegiance with the savage nomadic Dothraki warriors by giving its leader, Khal Drogo , his lovely sister Daenerys ' hand in marriage in exchange for Drogo's army.

Ned's wife Catelyn receives a clue that may implicate members of the royal family in a murder, and their young son Bran makes a jaw-dropping discovery. Bran 's fate remains in doubt. Having accepted his new role as the King's Hand , Ned leaves his home in Winterfell with his daughters Sansa and Arya , while Catelyn stays behind to tend to Bran.

Jon Snow , Ned's bastard son, heads north to join the brotherhood of the Night's Watch , protectors of the Wall that keeps the vicious " Others " from entering civilised Westeros. Tyrion Lannister , the Queen's brother, decides to forego the trip south with his family, instead joining Jon's entourage heading to the Wall.

Viserys bides his time in hopes of winning back the throne, while Daenerys focuses her attention on learning how to please her new husband, Drogo. Brian Kirk. Catelyn decides to go covertly to the south to warn her husband, but is intercepted by an old friend, Councillor Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish. I only discussed the books with one friend in real life, and he told me about the first website dedicated to the books. It was called Dragonstone and was one of the first websites I ever visited. I discovered Westeros.

A Game of Thrones Audiobook Chapter 21- 40 - A Song of Ice and Fire book #1 by

There was a website in Australia called Dragonstone. The website itself seems to have popped up in October of , that is the earliest time the [Dragonstone] fan forum existed. Yahoo was the search engine everyone used. Peter Gibbs, bless him, started his site [Dragonstone] on a server in Australia, but the internet connection to the rest of the world that Australia had was basically like a piece of strings and two cans.

Más títulos a considerar

A lot of people miss the days before the TV show. It was much more intimate before, and some people prefer it when you know everyone posting in a forum. Just before the show launched I think we had 10, to 12, members on the forum, and now we have over , thanks to the show. After the first episode, we gained like 9, new members — we almost doubled in size, basically, in a single day. I finished [the books] by and George had also announced that the next book, A Dance with Dragons ADWD , would be coming out the following year in Perfect timing! Well … by , with no new book, I had all but forgotten about the books and was not that excited when ADWD was announced.

What did get my interest was the show. After following the show for four seasons, I decided to dive back into the books and reread them all, including ADWD for the first time. In the online community had completely changed from a decade ago. I joined the community in after finishing A Dance with Dragons for the first time. My first fan community was the A Song of Ice and Fire subreddit.

A Song of Ice and Fealty (and Non-Fealty)

I was not a redditor before I read the books, so I joined Reddit to become a part of that community. Back then, the subreddit had maybe 30, to 40, members. There was some great discussion, but Game of Thrones was only coming into its own as cultural zeitgeist — meaning that the theories and analysis which has come into its own in the years since were in their infancy. But beyond that, there were a lot of great fans already in the community — many of whom I learned from, admired, and still chat with. In the earlier, preshow days of the fandom, things felt much smaller and harder to break into.

Greatjon Umber

I remember trying to join into message board discussion and finding it not very welcoming — most everyone seemed to know each other, and were slow to warm up to newcomers. For all the negative aspects of the Game of Thrones fandom [compared with the earlier fan base for the books], I appreciate how welcoming it is, with a wider array of communities for people to find a place to belong. I particularly remember a post laying out the evidence of this theory. I had no idea. I began reading the books thinking this was just another high fantasy series.

Apparently this theory had been floating around since the first book.

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The online community was virtually nonexistent at that time, but I did discover Yahoo and Google groups and we discussed the books in a giant email chain. Cold as ice, dropped into the series like a shock. It's the best way to do it. My reaction was one of amazement.

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It was happy, mind-blowing, and most importantly, narratively fulfilling. My first impression was: Why the hell would Ned allow this division between he and Cat and Jon to fester all these years? Why didn't he just tell her the truth? This is a really solid theory! Defense over. Well, so if we know nothing, what then, Jon Snow?

What if they were ranked in two categories, namely fealty to the novels, and effectiveness of the changes? And what if that list was in reverse alphabetical order, just because I felt like it?

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  6. But their novel-to-show change was a true stunner: instead of marrying an Arya impostor, Ramsay is marrying the real Sansa. However, sometime around her wedding night, one had to ask: would Sansa really marry Joffrey 2. And do we really need more rape scenes for critics to hate?

    Now Sansa and Theon both have good and interesting reasons to follow the basic outlines of what happens in the book to Theon and fake-Arya. In the books, Theon is our only window into what happens with Roose and Ramsey, and the show has done well by giving us some Bolton byplay that Theon never saw.

    Recaps for "Throne of Glass"

    All things considered, good job, show. At first, book-readers were disappointed that Season 4 ended without all the electoral intrigue of Book 3, but then we realized it made more sense to push that to Season 5, lest Jon Snow have next-to-nothing to do. My wife can confirm that I did openly root for Jorah and Tyrion to sojourn through Valyria, if only to remind us of the vanished world in their to-be-vanished world, and that worked well.

    After a brief affair in Book 3, Daario Naharis spends most of Book 5 on various missions outside the town, and the show was wise to put him where we want him, pillow-talking with the Mother of Dragons. In the books, Barristan Selmy is alive and well, though we understand why the show would kill him: to make Dany need Tyrion more. And the way it happened on the page, Martin was downright cruel to keep Tyrion and Dany from each other, so the show was kind of awesome to fix that, if fan-servicing. Or fan-fiction-servicing. But the result works out the same way: Drogon is attacked, Daenerys fears for his safety, and they ascend to…who knows?

    Vilifying the Sons and herofying yeah, I said it Drogon were both clever choices. The books pretty much forget about Petyr Baelish after book 3; the showrunners, knowing they can rely on the ever-cleverer Aidan Gillen, have spun book lead into show gold. While books 4 and 5 plod along as though Martin is trying to keep all his options open, this season Littlefinger has set forth several Westeros-shaking gambles, and so far won them all.