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Your feedback will be reviewed. Add a definition. The film was a true story, and it was motivated by divine intervention. From the Hansard archive.

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Example from the Hansard archive. Contains Parliamentary information licensed under the Open Parliament Licence v3. Barring some unexpected development little short of divine intervention , the plant will then close. If that is indeed so then, short of some divine intervention , there is nothing that we can do about it. The realistic would involve divine intervention ; the miracle would he agreement among the parties.

Divine intervention could succeed where human efforts fail. This claim, however, is strengthened when we consider the clearest case of divine intervention , miracles.

From Cambridge English Corpus. In moral contexts we encounter them whenever the agent lacks control, whatever the reason - human interference, metaphysical necessity, divine intervention , or the like. He appears to accept that part of the definition of a miracle is that it is a divine intervention Interestingly, the fact that this was achieved in less time is not taken as evidence of divine intervention on the side of the marabout.

Only by divine intervention does the natural world have continued existence. This stroke of luck, destiny or divine intervention has prompted our article. This presumption of divine intervention is easily misunderstood. The monks saw its preservation as due to divine intervention , which made the cliff evidence of a miracle. There is, then, ' divine intervention ' in the world.

What is Divine Intervention?

Simply this: because indeterministic physical laws only partially constrain physical reality, there could be some room here for divine intervention to influence the remainder. Firstly, in order to experience the ethical norm, external divine intervention is necessary. The openview theist's system seems to require that all future physical events physically necessary and otherwise are subject to free divine intervention and, thus, not subject to divine knowledge. He offers reinterpretations of important terms which retain some of their traditional religious functions, but are compatible with the denial of divine intervention in the natural order.

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So if these natural dispositions do not constitute an illegitimate infringement on human freedom, then neither should a change in character induced by sudden divine intervention. BETA Add a definition.

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Divine Intervention - TV Tropes

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  • Divine intervention unknown. When god makes something happen. We never really looked like scoring, but then out of knowhere , the ball was hoofed into the box, and bob taylor was fouled and we had a penalty!! Igor balis slotted it way and we went up next weekend. Cheers god, I owe you one.